Too Faced Lip Injection - Review

Ever since I can remember I've always wanted bigger lips and considering the latest rage is the bigger the better (thank you Kylie Jenner), I just had to give the Too Faced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss a whirl. 

When I was younger I tried a number of lip plumping glosses but was never impressed with the results and decided to give up on the idea of a quick fix. Enough years have passed that when I saw this Too Faced option, my curiosity (or my desperation for a plump pout) got the best of me and I thought maybe, just maybe, this gloss would be the one! So let's dive into the review.

The packaging is cute and feminine, the clear plastic tube means you can see the pink gloss and you know how much product is left. The twist top lid is a brushed gold with a pattern along the edge. It has a doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to apply the product evenly across your lips. The applicator is also small enough for my fellow thin-lipped ladies so you won’t end up with product all over your face!

The consistency of the product is thicker when compared to your usual lip gloss. It has a very smooth texture and although it is a little sticky I found it comfortable to wear. After an hour and a half you can tell the product has worn away, but it wears evenly, without patchiness or unsightly residue. 

Looking at the list of ingredients is where this product gets interesting. As well as being paraben free and vegan friendly, this gloss contains Capsicum Frutescens Resin. This ingredient is made from hot peppers and causes the inflammation and swelling of your lips. I was a little worried the product would be harsh on my usually dry, chapped lips but I found the added avocado oil and vitamin E kept them moisturised. 

Don't be fooled by the bright pink gloss in the tube, the product looks very natural on your lips. It leaves a beautiful glossy look with a very subtle pink pigment. The smell takes me back to my childhood and all I can compare it to is a yummy sweet cough syrup.

Within the first 5 minutes I really started to notice the difference with this gloss, a tingling sensation kicks in, your lips turn a darker pink and look instantly fuller. By the 10 to 15 minute mark the sensation starts to become more intense, almost like your lips are stinging after eating chilli.

I was pleasantly surprised the plumped appearance lasted on my lips at least an hour after application. Although the colour of my lips had returned to normal, they still appeared larger than usual which is rather impressive. After an hour I noticed my lips slowly returning to their normal size (it had to happen eventually I suppose).

In my experience the more product I applied the more intense the stinging sensation and the better result I achieved. I noticed if you got any gloss on your skin it would also turn red, so you do need to be careful when applying the product and stay within your lip line. 

When I first put this gloss on I noticed a difference almost immediately and was jumping around the house in excitement and asking my boyfriend if he could tell. Of course he said he couldn't tell the difference at all and thought I was crazy. But now that I’ve done the time elapsed photos even he admits you can see there is a difference. I feel it made my lips look more pouty and full. I’m pleasantly surprised that the effect seemed to last up to an hour later even though the colour of my lips returns to normal.

You will have to excuse my time elapsed photos as I had to use my phone and natural daylight, which seemed to very minute to minute. You can clearly see a difference from when I first applied it to the 15 minute mark, especially with my top lip - It's actually a little exciting! Too Faced claim this gloss will leave your lips plumper for up to 4 hours after application. Although I was impressed with the results, I wouldn't say the effect lasted that long. 

I honestly loved the appearance of my lips following the use of this product and I think it’s worth the stinging sensation - no pain, no gain! If you’ve already got luscious big lips and want to take them to the next level or if you’re like me and were graced with a smaller set, apply this baby and wait to see the results.  You can find this gloss at Mecca Cosmetic for $29.

Now, I’m not claiming this is a miracle product and you’re going to have Kylie Jenner lips after you use it, the effects are minimal and short lived. But if you’re looking for a good plumper with real (and realistic) results, then I would definitely recommend the Lip Injection by Too Faced.

Have you tried lip plumpers before? What are your thoughts?


  1. Great review! I'm keen to give it a go! Do you remember the RRP? Might be handy to include it :) Does it get to a point where the stickyness wears off and you can apply normal lippy over the top? Thanks x

    1. Thanks Kitty, great idea about adding the price. It's $29 and you can get it from Mecca Cosmetica.
      I'd say it is more like a usual gloss and you wouldn't be able to apply lipstick over the top. By the time the product has worn off enough you could apply lipstick but by that time the plumping effect would probably start reversing.
      I'd also say the actual glossiness of the product probably makes your lips appear larger as well.
      Hope that help Kitty :)


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