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I just started studying again, while working full time, which seemed like a good idea at the time but I forgot just how hard it is to stay motivated. I have never been the best student, I've always had a tendency to get distracted and leave assignments to the last minute. There's always something more fun than having your head in a book, like YouTube, or beauty blogs, or Real Housewives of New York, Beverly Hills, OC etc. I was hoping now that I'm older and wiser I would be setting myself up with good habits and not panicking at midnight trying to get my assignment finished. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like I've grown up that much. But I do have a few tips, tricks and essentials that make it a little bit easier to sit down for hours on end filling your brain with knowledge. Hopefully you find them helpful too! 

Mac Book Pro
My laptop is my hero, I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have my Mac Book Pro. This little baby has seen me through many, many years of study and I wouldn't have it any other way, we make a great team! It's easy to use and easy to transport, making it a student's dream when you're on the go and need to get things done quickly.

The effects of music on mood and focus have been well researched and I believe it can have an impact on your study performance. I find that listening to songs with lyrics can be a bit distracting as then I start searching my favourites and singing at the top of my lungs instead of flicking through the pages of my text book. I found instrumental songs on YouTube that are supposed to help with focus and brain function. Now I can't be 100 per cent sure that this music makes me Einstein or anything, but I do feel like it helps me concentrate and stops me from getting distracted. If you're looking for some study music, check out this YouTube video

Cute stationary
You know when you buy cute workout gear and you want to use it so you go for a run? Yeah, I don't get that either. I feel like this concept might work a little better when you buy cute stationary. Bright coloured pens, notebooks and folders get me excited to write down my ideas. My favourite stationary store is Kikki K, have a look at their website and you can thank me later when your desk is filled with cuteness! I bought this bright calendar to help me stay organised, I write down when all of my assignments are due for the year as well as tutorials and block out study times. It's handy to keep it somewhere visible so you have a constant reminder of what is coming up.

I started an unhealthy obsession with decorative candles a few years ago, and now I look for any excuse to light one. When I study I find it relaxing to have a candle burning nearby, there's something about the beautiful light and the subtle smell that just helps makes the house seem more pleasant. When I'm studying I want to be surrounded by things that make me happy so I bring out the candles and choose scents that are invigorating and yummy. Some candles can be very expensive and if you're on a student's budget you need to be savvy with your spending. I've been loving Airwick scented candles which you can get from the supermarket, they have delicious scents and won't break the break. 

There is nothing better than brewing a big pot of tea. It means you don't have to keep going back for refills and there's just something comforting and delicious about it that makes study seem that little bit more enjoyable. It also doesn't hurt to add some caffeine to the mix and help perk you up in the later hours of the evening. I'm partial to English Breakfast tea with a dash of milk and my favourite brand at the moment has to be T2 Tea.

If you're planning on having a solid study session you're going to need some sustenance. I always end up bringing out the chocolate and eating tonnes of it, for energy and because it generally just makes me happy. If you're looking for something sweet but minus the guilt then get your hands on some berries. Warning: if you're anything like me these berries will last about 1.5 minutes so make sure you have some chocolate hidden for late night study emergencies. 

Last minute tips

So you've left your assignment to the last minute, here are my tips on how to stay in control and hand it up on time:
  • Make a list of what you need to do and work through that list, crossing off the items once completed, it makes you feel like you have made achievements along the way. 
  • Make sure you read the questions properly, highlight and underline the relevant parts of the question and ensure you are answering it throughout your writing. This might seem obvious, but when you are in a rush it is easy to misinterpret wording or make assumptions, and this can be the difference between a pass or a fail.
  • Make a plan of what you're going to write for each paragraph before you start writing, it only has to be a short. It means you can clarify your thoughts, come up with a logical structure and you won't forget your ideas while you are writing. This is also really helpful in exams, I know it can seem like you're wasting time but in the long run it is beneficial.
  • If you have the time, chat with your partner, parents, friends or study buddies about the assignment and what you're going to write. This can help consolidate your thoughts and who knows, they might have some ideas that you didn't think of already.
  • Let everyone in your life know that you'll be unavailable until you've completed the assignment, cancel all plans, turn off your phone, avoid all social media and make a promise to yourself that you can have a reward as soon as it's done. Then go gorge on chocolate (personally favourite). 
  • Leave your introduction and conclusion to last. I feel like this can be the parts we spend so much time on, trying to make it sound just right. While it is important to begin and finish an assignment strongly, it really is the body of the essay that will get you the majority of points.
  • Stay calm. If you've left it to the last minute then accept it's not going to be perfect. You don't have time to panic and it's definitely not going to help you get your assignment done any quicker. Work work work!

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  1. What great tips, Justine. I love the idea of setting a nice mood with a candle and fun stationery.

    Here's to a productive rest of the week! : )


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